‘Juicy revelations are required’: will Barbra Streisand, Britney Spears and Jada Pinkett Smith memoirs satisfy?

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To produce a bestseller, stars must hold back on confessional social media posts and save explosive details for the page

Britney Spears drank daiquiris with her mother in Biloxi, Mississippi, aged 14. They called the cocktails “toddies”. Jada Pinkett Smith sold crack on the streets of Baltimore and her marriage to Will Smith was over long before he got to know about it. Barbra Streisand did her own makeup for the screen test for Funny Girl. Julia Fox says dating Kanye West was “unsustainable” because it felt like having “two babies”.

All these things and more are contained in memoirs hitting the shelves this month and into next. The publishing industry is hoping they will fly off the shelves – the equivalent of summer box-office hits – or at least recoup their advances. But will they?

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