Reclining album sales? Why pop stars are making sofas not songs

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From Louise Redknapp’s footstools to Kylie’s Atmosphere Duvet, an increasing number of musicians are turning to home furnishings

Being a pop star has a shelf life. Sure, you can carry on chucking records out for ever (hiya Cher) and touring like the best of them (here’s looking at you Madge), but at some point it gets a bit boring, the money starts drying up and your creativity slides away at the thought of another session with Diplo. So what to do? Well, you could try acting a la Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Lee from Blue. Or you could move into fashion like Rihanna (socks, trainers), makeup like Rihanna (Fenty Beauty) or comedy like Rihanna (wait, teasing Drake hasn’t been part of an ongoing skit?). But you know what really says “time to diversify the brand”? Furniture.

Last month the artist formerly known as Louise Nurding, AKA Louise Redknapp, teamed up with high street dream weavers Harveys for her own range of sofas. Entitled Bold, the range varies from a £199 footstool all the way up to a large chaise with stool, a snip at £1,899. “I only design things I would put in my own home, and this collection is a true reflection of my personality and style,” the ex-Eternal singer mused to Hello. If you’re thinking: “What does Louise Redknapp know about furniture?” then you probably need to re-watch the video for 1996’s pre-Britney classic Naked, in which she performs on top of a stiletto-shaped chaise longue.

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